Headline Instrumentation Filters

Headline Filters is Europe’s premier manufacturer of filter elements and housings for the instrumentation and gas analysis  market. Calling on over 30 years experience, Headline Filters has become the industry standard. These filters are suitable for a variety of applications and are used in a wide range of industries throughout the world.

Elements for all applications
Headline disposable bonded microfibre filter elements are extremely efficient, as well as being low cost. The benefits of this type of element are high flow rates with very low pressure drops and long service life. All products conform to industry-standard sizes and grades, allowing Headline elements to be fitted into other manufacturers’ housings. Stainless steel and PTFE filter elements are also available for applications requiring extreme inertness or high strength.

Extensive housing range
The comprehensive range of filter housings enables greater flexibility for customers, with a wide choice of standard designs in a variety of materials. The development of new products is customer driven, with our engineers working closely with OEM customers and end-users to produce products which exactly meet the specified requirements.

Custom made specials
Special housings and filter elements designed and produced in line with customer requirements and specifications are always available.


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